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Certainly 0.3

The SOLARIUM range offers Wolff System tanning lamps that can meet the European Directive DIN EN 60335-2-27. This means that tanning lamps of the SOLARIUM range can adhere to the maximum value of erythema irradiance (0.3 W/m2) in the tanning unit that is specified in the EU Directive. Less irradiance does not necessarily mean less tanning performance. The clever design of the SOLARIUM series provides convincing tanning results with maximum output within the framework of the legislation.


Luxury for the skin

The BELLARIUM lamp range of Wolff System ensures pure joie de vivre. Its optimal phosphor blend and high-quality glass offers the highest level of tanning performance. A luxury that promises satisfied salon customers. BELLARIUM’s approved quality “Made in Germany” ensures efficiency and cost effectiveness in the tanning salon.


High pressure with high-tech power

The Wolff System SUPERCRYSTAL range offers high-pressure lamps with impressive tanning results. Wolff System SUPERCRYSTAL high-pressure lamps guarantee optimal operating conditions and keep their level of performance stable over the entire operating life.

The design of the solarium determines the appropriate high-pressure lamp. The socket type is decisive here. When selecting the lamp type, the useful life of the high pressure lamps should be in line with the life span of the low pressure tubes. If required, we can also supply you with other high-pressure lamps, e.g. Varius.



For relaxation, health and smooth studio operation

Wolff System offers accessories for eye protection, hygienic UV-foil and disinfection to ensure a relaxed and healthy tanning experience. The starter range rounds off the range of accessories. Gentle ignition of the lamp ensures maximum performance and lifespan. Please keep in mind to replace the starters regularly with the lamps to avoid loss of performance.

Know How

Over 45 years of experience in every lamp

At Wolff System, quality and innovation are most important and closely linked to the inventive genius. Decades of profound knowledge about the effects of UV light on human beings influence the development of every single Wolff System lamp. A knowledge that results from worldwide co-operation with universities and research institutes as well as from the inventive spirit inherent in the company. Wolff System lamps are on the cutting edge of technological development. The benefits for our customers are: Stable discharge, better energy balance, maximum output within the legal standards, optimized exposure times and exciting tanning results

Manufactured and quality-tested in Germany

Made in Germany

Manufactured and quality-tested in Germany

The Wolff system development engineers are experts in tanning spectra. Their most convincing developments are engineered in our German manufacturing facility by well versed specialists for vacuum-safe glass-metal connections, fluorescent suspensions and glass processing. This expertise is the reason for the excellent product quality of Wolff System tanning lamps. The fully automated production process in Germany guarantees optimal control of all product and process parameters. Only the world’s best UV phosphors are used. The high-quality glass tubes and bulbs are subject to strict controls; only glass with optimal transmission is used. After production, the ultraviolet lamps are radiometrically tested with a double monochromator.

An independent accredited test laboratory, (according to ISO/IEC 17025) is available for radiometric measurements at the production site.

Customer service & logistics

Professional services and reliable deliveries worldwide

The Wolff System customer service staff have sunshine in their hearts and spectra in their blood. With their many years of industry experience, they can provide individual, professional advice with the special focus on the specific needs of our customers. They will find the right lamp solution in the Wolff System product range for almost every customer specific requirement. If there is no ready-made solution available, we also manufacture customized lamp specifications.

Global shipping companies deliver our lamps reliably to our customers worldwide. Our customer service staff looks after the delivery needs of our customers with efficiency, experience and flexibility, and selects the most suitable transport route – whether by road, rail, air or sea.

Wolff System | a brand of JW Sales GmbH

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