Tanning lamps made in Germany

We develop premium-quality UV lamps providing optimal bio-positive effects along with skin-friendly tanning performance for most popular up-to-date tanning devices. Wolff System lamps are manufactured in Germany using the most advanced UV phosphors. Only glass bulbs with optimal transmission are used.

Wolff System


Wolff System stands for inventive genius, scientific research and innovative capacity. Throughout the industry, Wolff System is considered the longest established UV lamp brand within JW Sales GmbH. When choosing Wolff System, you are opting for tradition on the one hand. On the other hand, the brand is closely associated with innovative power attracting customers who attach great value to research and development. The latest scientific findings flow directly into the product development at Wolff System.

The Company

The trailblazer in the tanning industry

Wolff System has been developing and manufacturing state-of-the-art tanning lamps for over 45 years. In 1975, Friedrich Wolff invented the sunbed and thus laid the foundation for the company. Even the first tanning bed developed by Wolff System allowed people to tan in a controlled manner respecting their individual dose. Controlled tanning has now become the focus of attention. Tanning sessions matching the skin type can make a positive contribution to a vital life, help develop a skin-friendly natural tan and compensate seasonal vitamin D deficiency symptoms.

Throughout the industry, the traditional UV lamp brand of JW Sales GmbH represents a synonym for inventive talent. The invention of the Wolff System sunbed made the bio-positive effects of sunlight accessible to people anytime and anywhere in the world. Ever since, decades of research work have resulted in extensive knowledge about the effects of UV radiation on the human organism.

Research & Development

Ingenuity leading into the future

The Wolff System tanning lamp range comprises the most advanced lamp types in terms of technological development. With the invention of the tanning bed in 1975, Friedrich Wolff laid the foundation for the tanning lamp brand Wolff System. To date, the manufacturing process of Wolff System UV lamps is characterized by outstanding ingenuity, dynamic scientific research and innovative drive. For decades, worldwide co-operations with universities and research institutes have helped to expand Wolff System’s expertise regarding the effect of ultraviolet light on human beings: On the one hand, on the visible surface of our skin, on the other hand, on our body and thus on our psychological well-being. The creative spirit as well as the scientific findings are incorporated directly into the development of Wolff System lamps. The result are state-of-the-art quality lamps with optimal bio-positive effects and skin-friendly tanning properties for up-to-date high-performance tanning devices.

Every single tanning lamp epitomises comprehensive knowledge
of how UV rays work

Research funding

Promoting the research
of the positive effects of sunlight

On top of its own intensive development and research activities, Wolff System is engaged in studying the positive effects of sunlight. As early as 1989, Wolff System initiated and funded the first Light Symposium in Riehen (near Basel, CH), an international platform for science and medicine. The generous research funding was rounded off by awarding the first Arnold Rikli Prize. This annual awarded prize honors outstanding photobiological research activities.

Ever since 2006, the Arnold Rikli Prize has been awarded by the Jörg Wolff Foundation, a charitable foundation company which was established by company founder Jörg Wolff in 2004. Since then, a significant part of the corporate profits generated by the group of companies has been donated to the foundation’s work. More about the research promotion of the Jörg Wolff Foundation.

The world’s best UV phosphors
are used

Corporate Group

International network under one roof

The German invention of the solarium was a sensation leading to a triumphant progress around the world. The world innovation also revolutionized the US market. In 1978, the founding of Wolff System Corporation in New Jersey was the first step to open up the US market. Today, Wolff System being very successful in the US market, is traded under JW North America Inc. in Boston, Massachusetts.

Since the year 2000, JW Holding GmbH unites the rapidly grown international network as a financial and management holding company under one roof. The JW Holding companies are experts in the field of tanning and fluorescent lamps as well as vacuum tubes for solar thermal energy. In all business areas, the group of companies convinces with market-leading technologies. The home base in Germany ensures the high product quality “Made in Germany”.

In 2012, the tanning lamp brands were bundled under one hat as JW Sales GmbH, based in Stuttgart/Germany.

Manufactured and quality-tested in Germany
und qualitätsgeprüft


Invention of the sunbed

In 1976, the German Patent Office granted a patent for the first “sunbed for tanning without sunburn”. It was manufactured in Germany under license and brought to market under the trademark “Wolff System”.


Ingenuity in every lamp

Through extensive research, Wolff System develops unique phosphor blends. The world’s highest quality phosphors are used. This guarantees stable tanning lamps featuring a particularly balanced spectrum for excellent tanning results over the entire life span of the lamp.


Competence in light

“Of course, water does it, but higher in rank is the air and highest the light.” In memory of Arnold Rikli, who was also called “Sun Doctor”, the Jörg Wolff Foundation honors current research projects on the biological effects of ultraviolet, visible and infrared radiation.

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